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  Zivkovic B Handle
The Zivkovic B is the largest and heaviest handle we manufacture. Channels for the fingers as well as a pronounced heel will provide strong support for those who prefer to feel the entire grip in their hand. Due to its weight this handle will provide best balance when used for epee.
  Zivkovic BII Handle
The Zivkovic BII is the second largest handle we designed, based on the original B model but slightly smaller. Meant for medium to large hands.
  Zivkovic BIII Handle
The Zivkovic BIII handle is a slim version of the original B handle. It is much lighter overall and has become very popular among foil fencers, especially those with medium to small hands.
  Zivkovic G Handle
The original Zivkovic G handle features pronounced finger grooves and a super-supportive heel. The handle is meant for medium- to large-sized hands. Similar to the B in styling but providing even more support.
  Zivkovic GII Handle
The Zivkovic GII is a slightly smaller version of the Zivkovic G handle and is thus better suited for small- to medium-sized hands. This handle is most often used by foilists.
  Zivkovic K Handle
The Zivkovic K handle is the most popular of our handle range due to its versatility and similarity to Visconti handles (but without the pain!). Fits medium hands and features a smooth grip with an open heel for a more aggressive fencing style.
  Zivkovic KII Handle
The Zivkovic KII handle is a smaller version of the original Zivkovic K handle. It is meant for fencers who have small hands but like the style and comfort of the K.
  Zivkovic KIII Handle
The Zivkovic KIII is based on the original K but like the BIII in its category is a smaller and slimmer version. Formerly known as the Zivkovic K2 handle.
  Zivkovic S Handle
The Zivkovic S handle is the smallest handle we designed. It is very similar in design to the K handle but is meant for youngsters.
  Zivkovic Z Handle
The Zivkovic Z handle looks strange at first because of its palm shaping. The handle provides excellent control for defensive fencers as well as no finger grooves or heel support for offensive fencers, creating a desirable balance.
  Zivkovic ZII Handle
The Zivkovic ZII is a larger version of the Zivkovic Z handle.
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